Marvão International Music Festival

Marvão International Music Festival

Where classical music comes hand in hand with the best of the Historical and Natural Heritage of this idyllic Portuguese villa.

The summer season is coming, and what better than talking about the Marvão International Music Festival, an event that is held every year in the wonderful walled village of Marvão, taking place throughout the second quarter of July. In a few editions already held, it has managed to attract the interest of visitors from all parts of the world.

As we have discussed in previous post about Marvão, the vision and feeling of those who visit it, is different depending on the time of the year or the event you visit. Well this time, visiting this wonderful villa during the festival, will give you one of those different visions and sensations. This event has been able to combine the best of classical music with an enclave full of beautiful natural landscapes and a heritage of high historical value.

There is one key person in the birth and impulse of this festival, that person is Christoph Poppen, orchestra director, violinist and German professor. It was in the year 2014 when I founded this festival, developing in the following editions the works of artistic direction of the event. His was a love arrow with Marvão, where he saw a unique opportunity to unite a privileged enclave with the best of classical music. For his part, with his prestige and influence at the international level, he was able to attract the best artists and musicians of the moment, once here already, Marvão took care of the rest. If you want to inquire a little more about the biography of this teacher, we leave you the following link.

If there is something that has been the aim of this event since its beginnings, it has always been to combine idyllic enclaves of Marvão and with a high patrimonial and natural value with the best musicians of this genre from the international landscape. On the following link, which is the official organization of the festival, you can consult the programming of each edition and even buy the tickets online, in addition to being up to date with all the news that are emerging from the festival:

In addition to being able to experience this highly sensory and surprising experience, since from this very remote corner of the world, you can offer a show of such high quality, which seem to be reserved only for more urban environments, we suggest that you can combine it tasting the best of the gastronomy of the area. For our part, we will make a couple of recommendations, firstly the Restaurant Fago, which with a gastronomy of km 0 and an innovative touch, has managed in a short time, to be already recommended by La Guía Michelín, placing Marvao as a gastronomic destination. On the other hand, another of our recommendations, already in the area of the Ruins of Amaia, is that of the Restaurant D ́Oliveira, where through its pleasant local, they offer the best of the Alentejo gastronomy carefully their presentations and service.

Finally, we leave you a link from a video that summarizes to the perfection what you can live with this experience… You’re gonna miss the chance to live it.

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