Festivity of Regional Touristic Interest “San Isidro”

Festivity of Regional Touristic Interest “San Isidro”

Enjoy a museum of the traditions of the country in motion.

In this new post on recommendations of resources and activities in our destination, we want to talk to you about the festivity of “SAN ISIDRO”, which is celebrated in Valencia de Alcántara (Cáceres) every May 15th. This event was declared a Festivity of Regional Touristic Interest in June 1989 for its rooted tradition and singularity of being an urban rite.

To go back to the beginning of this festival, we have to go to the 1940s, where the men and women of the village paid tribute to their patron. Everyone came dressed in traditional clothes to make the sacrifices to the Holy One, and later, on the streets of the village, the image was processed on the shoulders of farmers and livestock farmers.

Over the years, to this procession, were added horses, donkeys, carriages pulled by oxen or cows, tractors, etc. All of them engalaned and showing the best of the traditions of the countryside. It is true that this activity, in its beginnings, could be something exclusive of the people of the countryside, but today, one could say that it is a festival that is totally rooted in the entire population, proof of this is the large participation of the same in the whole event.

San Isidro is celebrated in the middle of spring, but whoever is lucky to dawn a 15th of May in Valencia de Alcántara, will be able to testify that that day, all the goodnesses of this season are accentuated even more. We tell you below how you could live this day in the village to be able to enjoy it in full.

We recommend you to have a little early morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast, either a few delicious churros at one of the most famous barbecues in the region (Churrería “Cipri”), or sit on some of the terraces in the center of the town to enjoy some tasty toasted or some traditional sweets, some of them with Portuguese flavor. Afterwards, and before enjoying the festivities, you will have time to take a relaxing walk through the historic centre of the municipality.

Around mid-morning, we advise you to move to the Park of Spain and start to absorb the atmosphere that lives around this park, as you can enjoy how all the carriages and horsemen are arriving in the vicinity of this area to go placing for the beginning of the Romería through the streets of the village. The events begin with the celebration of a traditional Mass in the interior of the Park of Spain, which is chaired by the local and regional authorities and sung by the Folklore Group “Juéllega Extremeña”, is one of the most emotional moments.

After the religious act, the parade begins through the streets of the town of horsemen, carriages, tractors, etc. and closing the Holy and the authorities. Our recommendation to see this parade, is that you do it along the national road that crosses the town, is where the tour reaches its greatest visual impact, this is the moment of maximum expression of this party. Enjoy the traditional clothes, the knight formations, the wheeled carriages and tractors and showing the traditions of the rural world, and smell the spring through the blossomed scabs. As we have mentioned, you will live the museum experience in motion!!

Once this parade is over, it is time to get into the atmosphere of the village and enjoy the local cuisine through its bars and restaurants, is the best way to live this party. If you want to eat a quieter plan, you can also enjoy some of the restaurants that are in our Campiña. Already in the afternoon, for those who are taurino amateurs, you can always enjoy the feast that takes place in the Plaza de Toros.

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